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About Us

Our Story

              Hello there and welcome to my store! My name is Heather and I am the creator of MoonGlade Naturals. I am a full time certified organic skincare formulator. I have two beautiful children, an amazingly supportive husband, and we have 4 cats and 6 chickens. I am a licensed veterinary medical technician who used to work in the Oncology (cancer) specialty, but after nearly 18 years in the field, I had more questions than answers about this terrible disease. I started doing my own personal research and I stumbled upon a passion for herbalism and natural alternatives to everyday personal products.

A couple years later I learned that my mother (my best friend in the world) was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer.  Knowing the battle she would face, my thoughts were consumed with how I could help keep her healthy enough to fight, and keep her with me as long as possible. I researched day and night, and developed healthy, non-toxic, herbal infused products to help with her chemotherapy symptoms; bone pain, nausea and horrible dry skin.  My mom always wanted to look her best, and her skincare and make-up were a priority, even when she was very ill. 

Unfortunately, in September of 2020, my mother lost her battle with cancer. It felt like my entire world crashed around me. My father had passed in 2010, and loosing her felt like I lost everything I had left.  Before she passed, the one thing she made me promise, was to continue making my naturally derived products. She saw my passion and felt it should be shared with the world.

Armed with this promise, I have since gone on to acquire several certifications in herbalism, and I have graduated from my Organic Skincare Formulator program.

MoonGlade Naturals values naturally derived ingredients, transparency, sustainability, and cruelty-free products. 

Innovative Skincare Solutions for Millennial Moms: Fight Acne and Aging Simultaneously. Designed for woman who are too old for acne, too young for wrinkles, but somehow blessed with both!

MoonGlade Naturals is lighting the path for current and future generations of woman to embrace the power of nature and innovation, giving them the confidence to age proudly and gracefully.